Jackhammered / Отбойный молоток (Csaba Borbely, Pacific Sun Entertainment) [2001 г., Anal, Condom, European, Hunks, Muscledmen, Oral, DVDRip]

Jackhammered / Отбойный молоток
Год производства: 2001 г.
Страна: Hungary
Жанр: Anal, Condom, European, Hunks, Muscledmen, Oral
Продолжительность: 01:36:21
Режиссер: Csaba Borbely
Студия: Pacific Sun Entertainment
В ролях: Ben Mason, Benn Davis, Charles Cromenberg, Donald Jarrott, Fred Goldsmith, Joe Calderon, Korath Ferang, Lorice Jackman, Mick Huston, Mickey Danson, Peter Kristia, Renato Bellagio, Rob Clavier, Roberto Giorgio, Tom Dacascos
Описание: Is it true what they say about hard bodied men who work in steel mill factories? Find out what really happens between all the real men in this Hungarian metal factory. You will definitely want to be there & want to join in. 15 of the hardest bodied men of steel with ripped stomachs and extra large endowments add up to the ultimate masculine fantasy! Work starts early... But the real action begins after these buffed men get sweaty, greased and oiled up from the machines. This is a one hot blue collar video guaranteed to satisfy your urges and fulfill your fantasies of real steel factory muscle men !
Доп. информация: Review from GayVideoDad
Quite literally, sparks fly from the first frame of Pacific Suns latest Eastern European import, Jackhammered, for this production is set in a metalworks factory, where the hunky laborers fulfill just about every blue-collar fantasy imaginable. In or out of their overalls and coveralls, these 16 performers are perfectly cast - they look right at home in this workplace, and nearly all of them seem enthusiastic and comfortable whenever their breaks turn to sexplay. And thats most of the time.
Pacific Suns Jackhammered (not to be confused with Jet Set Productions release of Jackhammer) is comprised of five scenes, four of which are threeways, and the other one (a duet) is played out contrapuntally against one of the trios. After a brief tour of the plant in which the various workmen are introduced, the film gets down to business. A brief situational setup is played out for each sex scene, and the rest of the running time is devoted to wall-to-wall action. Unfortunately, most of the set-ups are disappointingly similar.
In each instance, two or more workers berate and attack a third who is accused of being a slacker or goof-off. Invariably, this third man ends up being bottom boy to the others - he does most of the sucking and gets all of the fucking. Nearly everyone else remains, to one degree or another, trade. The faces are handsome, the bodies are awesome, the cocks remain hard, and the action is energetic, but the similarity of the setups and sameness of the sexual choreography in each scene make for no surprises and little variety. No matter how good the sexual action is - and most of it is quite good - by the time the last scene rolls around, the viewer cannot help but yawn a bit and say to himself, "Yeah, but havent I seen it all before?"
Director Csaba Borbely certainly manages to generate heat among his performers, and in the first scene, he is aided and abetted by the three least-tradey performers in the film, Joe Calderon and Fred Goldsmith (both popular performers from the Falcon International line) and a sizzling bottom pig, new to us, named Mick Houston. When Huston talks back to them, his fellow workers turn off the machine and punish him - guess how? - even though they seem far more interested in each other than in him. All three suck dick as if they really want to, and the nonstop kissing throughout (especially from Goldsmith) adds considerable heat to the proceedings. The anal action (first, standing doggie and then a lap fuck) is equally torrid, and Huston takes both the others with considerable enthusiasm and a surfeit of moaning and groaning.
In the second sequence, the foreman (Peter Kristia, another Falcon alum) faces off with a smart-ass subordinate, the crewcut Ben Mason, and urges his fellow workmen (the goateed Charles Cromenberg, the glossily handsome Benn Davis and the round-faced Mickey Danson) to join in. Mason gets quite a workout from Kristia, Davis and Cromenberg, and his jaws must have been exhausted from the repeated bouts of face-fucking. (Danson is content to watch the proceedings and do nothing more than jack off.) Both the oral and anal action is athletic and powerful but completely by the numbers. No one touches anyone else except Mason, and there is no emotional interaction whatsoever, which makes the results seem far more robotic than they actually are. The positioning - especially the standing doggie and lap fucks - are virtually the same as in the first scene, and as each of the tops reaches climax, he leaves. Mason is a great receptacle, and all of the others use him with considerable spirit, but moaning and pounding are not necessarily passion, and the scene, for all its surface fireworks, is strangely pro forma.
Fortunately, during the lengthy sequence, another pair of workers - salt-and-pepper-haired Tom Dacascos and the spitfire find of the film, Roberto Giorgio - watch the proceedings, and although they claim to be appalled by such goings-on, they are soon at each other. Giorgio has one of the most perfect bodies to be seen in adult films and an unbridled enthusiasm to match. Here he services and then bottoms for the older man, who you can almost see counting the seconds until he gets his paycheck. Strangely enough, it doesnt matter - for one can hardly take ones eyes off the noisy, expressive, libidinously extravagant Giorgio.
In the following vignette, brunet Robert Clavier doesnt like the way dirty blond Donald Jarrott is doing his job, but that doesnt stop him from coming on to him. Moments later, Lorice Jackman notices whats going on, turns off his machine and joins them. Jarrott is an extremely handsome, butch hunk of flesh in the Ken Ryker-Matt Majors-Matthew Rush mold, and he is worked over by both the others. The scene percolates nicely, and were it in first position, it would knock your socks off. This is, however, the third time weve seen the two-on-one sucking followed by the one-on-two sucking followed by the standing doggie fuck followed by the lap fuck, and the excitement is severely undercut by the familiar tableaux.
In the final scene, almost as if everyone were running out of creative and sexual steam, darkly handsome Korath Ferang simply turns off his machine and turns on to his fellow worker, dirty blond Renato Bellagio. Things proceed as before until Giorgio returns to watch and soon join in. But before he does, he just stands there watching and working his heaven-stretched erection - and that is a sight to behold. When he joins them, things perk up considerably, although the choreography remains much the same. Here he tops Ferang, revealing his versatility and thus enhancing his already overwhelming screen presence. He almost but not quite saves the scene from death by déjà vu.
Jackhammer has much going for it - an enticing cast, intimate videography, potent sexplay and a striking location, but its sexual imagination is sadly circumscribed. Director Borbely has obviously found the positions and camera angles that work for him, and they are executed very well, but its time he expanded his repertoire.
- Jerry Douglas
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4, 636 x 474, 4:3, 2636 kbps, 29,97 fps
Аудио: AAC, 44 KHz, 95 kbps, Estéreo

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